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We practice the same kriya every day of the week to fully experience its energetic effects. Each week, a new kriya is assigned to expand our practice and deepen our relationship with our full spectrum self. 


Do You:

- Struggle to get started with meditation?

- Feel overwhelmed by the number of practice options available?

- Find it hard to focus due to distracting thoughts?

- Want to feel the energy in your body?

- Have limited time to dedicate to practice?

- Need expert guidance to stay on track?

If so, You are in the right place!

The kriyas are designed to help people like you experience the benefits of meditation and breathwork in an quick, easy, accessible, and enjoyable way. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can transform your life and achieve your goals. So why wait? Sign up today and start your journey towards a happier, healthier you!


What to Expect:

Increase Knowledge of Self

Our psyche is the root of our mind and shapes our perception of reality. By tuning it to the vibration of our intentions, we can align ourselves with our goals in every aspect of life. Our emotions play a crucial role in signaling the behavior of our genes. By taking control of our thoughts and emotions, we can signal new genes and ways of being that support our chosen future.

Advance Physical Functioning

The voltage of your system determines your health. These kriyas are designed to clear energy channels, increase mobility and usage of all of your physical capabilities. This will optimize your battery power, and function of the entire physical body. Granting energy and comfort within your physical system.

Awareness of Unified Field

Our autonomic nervous system plays a crucial role in creating balance and order within the body. Through breathwork, we can connect with these internal systems and build the stability of this bridge. This allows us to access the full power of our human technology, which is connected to a greater level of order permeating the whole universe.

Meditative Mindset

Daily meditative practices have the power to balance out different sections of the brain and improve communication between them. This leads to greater coherence between the brain and heart. When our mind connects to our heart brain, wholeness is encapsulated through the body and mind, connecting us to the past, present, and future, and to all possible scenarios of this universe.

10-20min Long Kriyas
Stream Anywhere Anytime
Programmed for you
Yo! Just wanted to share my experience with you from this weeks Kriya:
 I was feeling all kinds of “pain” throughout my neck, shoulders and traps today until I did the Kriya. The pain was INSTANTLY gone from my body after the first movement! ⚡️🙏🏼
Thank you!
Thank you for this week's Kriya I could feel myself finding the power within my voice while chanting!
Seriously. Doing this and the prosperity Kriya every day have been changing my reality effortlessly:

Update on all I’ve manifested from doing this week’s Kriya alone: the space I will be doing massage out of I basically am renting it almost for “free.” I have access to hundreds of high paying clients. It’s in an environment that is incredibly high vibe and peaceful. I finally get to “be my own boss” without anyone profiting off my gifts. 


I also randomly bought a few lottery tickets for the heck of it and won a few hundred dollars. 🌞

I’m going to keep doing this Kriya every day, even after this week because of its power.


This week's Kriya:



Flexibility of the spine and legs is enhanced during this kriya. And there is activation of the core for a good chunk of this set.


Working the navel point and freeing up the issues in the tissues of the posterior chain is adding mobility and support to our being and lifestyle.


A simple but powerful meditation that produces strong health and excellent regenerative capabilities.


We open up with max breath retention during our warm up set. Allowing us to surrender to the body’s attachment to this force, and all other anxieties associated with living.

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