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How do Kriyas work?

Our bodies are technology. For instance: Our hearts are electromagnetic generators, our feet start the chain reaction that determines how are physical body is structured and mind operates, our hair is antennas, breath in one nostril has different effect than breath in the other, and we have channels running up each side of our spine, one that receives life force energy, and one that eliminates it when we are through.

The directions for the usage of this technology has been passed down since ancient times. Our kriyas use combinations of these teachings to bring awareness to our human technology and allow us to activate and gain usage of our bodies.

What kind of things do I do during the kriya?

Our bodies are a giant voltage systems. Our muscles are the battery packs, the fascia that holds them are super conductors. We use movement to clear and activate our energy systems.

We use breath in all sorts of manners to support the bridge to our unconscious self and bring in life force energy.

We will vibrate ourselves with out voice.

We will use intention, meditation and thought to presently connect to our intuition.

And use our nervous system in full versitility to make sure we are properly powered during the kriya, and all day long. 

How come there is only one kriya per week?

These kriyas are meant to be repeated everyday on 7 day cycles. The energetic properties of the kriyas are strong for the first 24hours after completed. If you do again within a day, the effects are a bit more rooted into the body system. After 7 days one's self will get a good taste of the impact of the kriya, bringing it into your life's practice. Doing the same kriya for many days during the week will also allow you to see how much you as a person has changed around the stability of the repeating kriya. 

Historically many people have repeated kriyas for 3, 7, 11, 40, or even 1000 days or more. 

Our kriya sets are short to make repetition easier to fit into everyone's schedule. And every week will be a new kriya with different intended effects. Even though the intention is for our members to do everyday, if you do not, you will still get massive benefits from repeating a few times a week.

When is the best time to practice?

The morning energy is great to get the body amplified.

The time before the sun rises most people in your are on earth will be sleeping, and dreaming. This is because the brain is naturally generating theta and delta brain waves. These are coherent with deep meditative states, dreaming and/or sleeping. Getting up early and practicing a kriya during these times can coordinate some special experiences as well as get your day started by clearing and activating all the body/mind/spirit channels.

Can I have access to the past kriyas?

Because the nature of the website is to provide a weekly kriya that is to be practiced daily, we have decided that providing the past kriyas goes against the mission of the company. All of our kriyas are different and a persistent practice of the variety we offer will provide optimal state of being. By not providing past kriyas, gives you the only option of being present with the current programmed Kriya. 

How am I billed for subscription?

Once registered into our plan to access the "Kriya of the Week" page you will be subscribed to a monthly billing on your credit card or PayPal on the same day of the month that your subscription started. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply submit a cancelation request in the form below, and we will process. You may cancel anytime and still access the website until your current payed month is complete.

What if I am pregnant or menstruating?

Ultimately it is up to you to decide what is safe for your body. Breath of fire should not be done if you are in your first three days of your period or if you are pregnant. You may substitute long deep breathing for any time breath of fire is instructed during these times of your life. 

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