What to Expect:

Increase knowledge of self.

Our psyche is the root of our mind and the perception of our reality. Tuning it to the vibration of our intentions will put us into alignment with our goals in all aspects of our life. Our emotions signal the behavior of our genes. Through taking control of ourself we will signal new genes and ways of being in support of our chosen future.

Advance Physical Functioning

The voltage of your system determines your health. These kriyas are designed to clear energy channels, increase mobility and usage of all of your physical capabilities. This will optimize your battery power, and function of the entire physical body. Granting energy and comfort within your physical system

Awareness of Unified Field

Our autonomic nervous system's role is to create balance and order inside the body. Through breath we can connect to these internal systems. Building the stability of this bridge will allow us to access the full power of our human technology, which is connected to a greater level of order permeating the whole universe.

Meditative Mindset

Daily meditative practices will balance out the sections of the brain. They will begin talking to themselves more easily. Once the brain is properly communicating, then coherence can be built between the brain and heart. When our mind connects to our heart brain, wholeness is encapsulated through the body and mind, connecting to past, present and future, and all possible scenarios of this universe.  

22 min average
Stream Anywhere Anytime
Programmed for you

What is a kriya session?

By using varying kriyas to affect all the multidimensional aspects of our human technology we can align the brains of our head, heart and body. We will strengthen and lengthen the physical structure. Open up and harmonize our energy systems giving us freedom to feel our emotions, speak our voice, and vibrate internally and externally as we proceed through this story we call life.
These kriyas are perfect for those who are looking to get into meditation and want something more than simply sitting crosslegged with their eyes closed. And for those of us who want a practice that is programmed for us, where we can do anywhere, adding ease to commit to a daily repeating practice. Our sets are short and precise. Filled with movement, breath, and all sorts of 1st time experiences that will be mind/body/soul opening.


The arms are utilized to enhance brain matter by harmonizing breath, with complex movement patterns.


The arms are utilized in a way that allows us to transcend the muscles and tap into that all pervading energy that is always with us. This strengthens the nervous system and the body’s ability to handle stress.


Mantra is a coded light language, and a special phrase in the old lemurian world. Used to recalibrate and open up the crown and pineal gland for information, gathered into the subconscious mind. For later use.


Benefits for this breath retention, twisting stomach vacuuming set:

-brings your abs in tighter.

-massages organs.

-oxygenates the system.

-pulls on vagus nerve, activating, relaxing, and harmonizing most of your organs.

-innervates through the frontal fascial system: which is why i feel into neck while doing it.

-wakes up the spine, clearing blockages, and increases flow.